Gerome Vizmanos    

Lawrence Moore & Associates Inc

Experience Snapshot:

Marketing and Promotion Services

Gerome Vizmanos is a brilliant mind who has been in the web, marketing, and advertising industries
for well over 15 years.   Throughout his career, Gerome has worn the hats of art director, project manager,
and creative director,
  just to name a few.   In the late 90's Gerome founded his very own L.A. boutique Advertising Agency that amassed a huge list of celebrity clients and had been involved in numerous high-profile events.   Simultaneously, Gerome was also playing the role of creative director for the London International Awards.

In 2008, Gerome used his wealth of experience to begin outsourcing work, bridging together companies
in the U.S., Philippines and Singapore.   Gerome then created nhaus (in-house), a Silicon Valley based
digital solutions firm with offices in Manila.   Gerome's clientele ranges in size from Fortune 500 Companies, mid-size to small businesses, and individual private clients.

Gerome joined forces with Lawrence Moore & Associates in 2010.   Gerome serves as the company's design, advertising, web and social media specialist for by providing an ongoing commitment to servicing
the clients with first-rate customer service and award-winning web-based marketing solutions.   Gerome's methodology for achieving success has been honed and perfected by serving the needs of the entertainment industry for well over a decade.   Today, as part of Lawrence Moore & Associates, Gerome brings his passion, dedication, and undying resolve to the organization and its employees, serving as a paragon of the values, vision, and mission of the company.