Jenna Turner    


Experience Snapshot:

Marketing and Promotion Services

After completing her Masters degree in Business, Jenna Turner followed her heart, returned to her childhood roots and opened Susina Bakery & Café in 2002. Her passion for food, combined with her well-honed management skills and people pleasing attitude has made Jenna a recognizable name in the Los Angeles
food scene.

Jenna's love for the industry began in her mother's bakery in Deal, New Jersey.   After school, she couldn't
wait to get there.   "Just loved it,"she says.   During her 25 year tenure, Jenna has worked with chefs
Wolfgang Puck, Alan Jackson, and Fred Eric.   Her close association with the "best in the business"
has enabled her to get a rare insider's view on what it takes to be successful in the challenging and
highly competitive restaurant industry.

Jenna believes in sharing her knowledge and expertise and is a sought after consultant in the industry.
To date, she has consulted on the openings of 21 Los Angeles restaurants and bars.   She has
built a solid client base with her generous spirit and accumulated expertise.   Jenna goes the extra mile effortlessly.

Jenna remains active in the community and has forged numerous professional and personal relationships within the entertainment and event-planning industries.   She has built a reputation of excellence as an independent business owner in Los Angeles, top notch caterer and all around food-service professional.

Jenna Turner pays it forward by speaking at state colleges and community trade tech schools as a motivational speaker inspiring hundreds of young minds.   When the time is right, Jenna aspires to
teach at the collegiate level.   Her goal is to develop and encourage future generations of successful restaurateurs.