Laura O'Hare    

Service & Operations

Experience Snapshot:

Marketing and Promotion Services

Laura O'Hare has loved restaurants for as long as she can remember.   Growing up in Marin County, the
family regularly visited San Francisco's great restaurants.   At 17, she was managing a small cafe in
Larkspur and at 18 began a four-year stint at San Francisco's Metropolitan Club where she was trained
in the high standards of fine dining service.

Laura moved to Los Angeles where she worked both in restaurants and -- pursuing her other passion -- as
a writer.   Laura joined the Patina Group in 2000, first as a server in which position she participated in
multiple restaurant openings, then went on to be promoted to Unit Manager and then Corporate Trainer.
As trainer she worked with all of the group's West Coast Units.   In that position she was responsible for training both management and staff -- both in existing units as well as for multiple openings.   She also
used her writing background to create extensive training and educational materials.   Additionally, she managed the Rooftop at the Hollywood Bowl, successfully turning around both service standards and profitability.

After leaving the Patina Group Laura worked overseeing special events for Pasadena's Parkway Grill and then went on to successfully open the 3-star restaurant Palate Food & Wine in Glendale as General Manager/ Managing Partner.   Currently, Laura serves as Maitre d' at Ombra Ristorante in Studio City where she also handles the Social Media outreach.

Laura's core philosophy of service is that every guest and every meal is a special one and an opportunity
for us in the hospitality business to create a lovely memory that lasts long after the meal is over.   When it comes to training staff, she feels it is most important to lead by example -- or as she likes to tell staff at
the beginning of a project, "I have good news and bad news.   The good news is that I'll never ask you to do something I won't.   The bad news is there's nothing I won't do!"

To learn more about Laura's thoughts on restaurants you can follow her musings at My Staff Meal on Tumblr, Twitter & Pinterest.