Kelley Keery    

Business Plan Development and Research & Development

Experience Snapshot:

Marketing and Promotion Services

If you ask her, Kelley Keery will tell you that she was, "Born this way."   That is of course with a love of food, service and all things hospitality. Inspired by her grandfather, Kelley followed in his footsteps straight into
the restaurant business.

She is a four-time Summa Cum Laude graduate with degrees in culinary arts, food service management, and food service education. In addition, she completed her Master of Science Degree in Managerial Technology focusing on strategic business planning within the hospitality industry.

No stone has been unturned during her career in the industry.   She has performed successfully in every capacity necessary to run a restaurant, café or catering company.   Kelley has a full understanding of the complexities of both front and back of house operations.

Combining her knowledge of the business with her love of the written word allowed Kelley to naturally transition to food writing and research.   She has produced successful business plans, hand books, training manuals, bios, and course curriculums.   In addition, Kelley has produced digital photo guides, menus, brochures and promotional pieces.

Kelley's genuine love of the business is evident in her work product and work ethic.   She thrives on challenges, and is well known for her natural ability to troubleshoot.

Kelley aspires to write a book one day capturing all facets of the restaurant and hospitality business.