Matthew Dickson    

Culinary Operations

Experience Snapshot:

Marketing and Promotion Services

Since 1986 Matthew Dickson has been working all aspects of the restaurant industry.  His first restaurant
job was as an assistant manager at the popular Gorky's Cafè while attending USC.  Most recently he was the managing partner at Malo in Silverlake for 3 years.  Matthew restructured Malo into a profitable enterprise by increasing sales over 200% and profits 700%.  The success was done through various programs to cut cost and increase traffic including the implementation of happy hour, brunch, taco night, a new bar & tequila program, revamping all menus, re-evaluating costs, management new hires and overseeing the development of an expansion.

Prior to that, Matthew had been the executive chef in such notable locations as The Coyote Cafè (Santa Fe, NM) & Rockenwagner (Los Angeles, CA).  Included in over 20 years of restaurant experience Matthew has contributed to opening various restaurants with costs ranging from a hundred thousand dollars to over a million.  Matthew has contributed as management to opening projects that range from simple taquerias La Vanguardia (Portland, OR) and diners Fred 62 (Los Angeles, CA) to larger projects including
Loongbar (San Francisco, CA) and Falcon (Los Angeles, CA).

His experience includes all aspects of the restaurant industry from being host, dishwasher, executive chef, general manager and beverage director.  And in rare cases all 5 at once.  This experience has also parlayed to Corporate Catering, Culinary Classes and Restaurant Consultation.

Currently Matthew is working with Brett Doherty and SBD Consulting as the executive consulting chef.  Matthew is currently creating menus, recipes, concepts, training material, profitability projections and kitchen design for high profile projects and clients.  In addition to this Matthew is working part time as
Megan Fitzgerald's assistant food stylist.  As a stylist he is responsible for national advertising campaigns including Pizza Hut, Shakeys, Wal-Mart and Arby's.

Mexican Food has always been an important part in Matthew's life starting with his roots in Southern California.  Christmas at home included tamales and frequent trips to Mexico were focused on visiting restaurants & markets.  As an Angelino cooking in Paris he taught his crew how to make tacos and as Managing Partner at Malo he continually taught the chef and his crew classic & contemporary Mexican culinary techniques.  In addition to cooking, Mexican design and the art of making tequilas has his interest.  He has been asked to judge various tequila competitions, participate in North/South American
food competitions and has been the guest of multiple distilleries to taste and evaluate their tequilas.

In addition to food, the arts have played an important role in Matthew's life.  As a previous gallery owner and fine artist with a BFA from SFSU his ideas and concepts are built into the design of Pelonchas.